38 projects supported by the Federation Wallonia-Brussels

Alda Greoli, Vice-President of the Federation Wallonia Brussels Government and Minister of Culture has approved the selection made by the Film Selection Committee in its first session of 2016. Her approval grants scriptwriting, development or production funding to 16 feature films, 9 short films, 12 documentaries and 1 experimental film for a total amount of 3.115.250 euros. Among the supported projects are new films by François Damiens, Lucas Belvaux, John Shank, Daniel Cattier, Gilles Coton and Olivier Smolders.
François Damiens is moving behind the camera and is set to direct his first film, Dany, in which he will also be playing the lead role of a father who is reunited with his 12 year old son after doing prison time. Lucas Belvaux has also received support for his project Chez nous that tells the story of Pauline, a devoted mother and exemplary nurse, who accepts to be a candidate for a nationalist party during local elections. The film’s cast includes Emilie Dequenne, who’s already worked with Lucas Belvaux in Pas son genre, as well as André Dussollier, Catherine Jacob, Anne Marivin and Patrick Descamps. After his solo debut feature L’hiver dernier, John Shank is teaming up with Anna Falguères for Pompei, their co-directorial debut, in which economical and sentimental poverty are put to the test of love. Vincent Rottiers will be playing the lead male character.

Regarding short films, Olivier Smolders has received a grant for his project Le coupable in which a man, working as a janitor in an old building, discovers a secret corridor system that allows him to observe the tenants…

As for documentary, Daniel Cattier has received development funding for his project about the Musée Royal d’Afrique Centrale, a place that has fascinated Belgians for generations and is currently undergoing its largest renovation in its history. In Sur la route d’Enver Hadri, Gilles Coton will follow Renoar Hadri on the traces of his father and grand father, both of them murdered. One in Brussels, the other in Kosovo.

The full list of films supported by the Film Selection Committee in its first session of 2016 can be found at: www.centreducinema.be



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